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After a chilly few days, the weather is set to warm up again. Great for many of us, not so great for those stuck in stifling offices. It’s generally accepted [and scientists tell us] that thanks to climate change, the UK is gradually heating up. This means that there is a high likelihood that air conditioners will become as common in the home as heating systems.

We are not used to extremes of weather in this country, look at the chaos caused by a sudden snowfall! So heatwaves of the type we have seen in the last few years may present problems for many. Heatwaves can actually be fatal for those who are not as resilient such as the very young or elderly. A report by MPs warned that deaths related to warm weather could increase significantly by 2050.

The report urged the government to implement measures that would ensure the population are able to cope with rising temperatures. This includes help and advice for home owners, care homes, hospitals and offices. It doesn’t have to become much hotter before there is a hose pipe ban, and public transport is also affected by unexpected hot weather.

Experts advise that we all get used to things heating up, and preparation such as having air conditioning systems installed is a positive step. Deputy director at the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University, Friederike Otto said “We will have to get used to these kinds of summers, There is no doubt that there is a link to climate change. We need to take heat waves seriously around the world as something that we need to adapt to.’

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